Becoming Woke

youve always had the powerBy Jo Figueras ~ Woke Mind Body Studio

Going through a spiritual awakening can be scary and uncomfortable, and it can definitely be weird. To state the obvious, it is a life-changing experience.

As a teacher of intuitive arts, I want to share my experience working with others through their awakening journeys in order to give you a little validation that what you’re currently (or soon will be) experiencing is normal and common.

As you go through the process, you’ll connect with others on the same journey as you – all traveling at the same “speed”.  These humans will relate to you on a soul level, and you’ll grow to love, trust, confide in and consult with them, hopefully for years to come.

You’ll find your tribe.  Trust me on this.

I don’t necessarily hold the belief of actual stages of an awakening.  It’s much more fluid and gentle than that… An awakening is more of a natural progression as you ease into it all at the perfect rate that will slowly transform your life.

But for purposes of explanation, we’re gonna use the term “phase” which will help simplify things so you can better understand your journey from a linear perspective.

Before we get too far in, I want to clarify the difference between a spiritual awakening and ascension.  I’m going to break it down in the simplest terms in order to make it more easily understood, so just know it’s a bare-bones explanation:

  • An individual goes through an awakening. This means they begin to realize they are a spiritual being having a physical existence. At the present moment, we are experiencing a 3rd dimensional consciousness where everything is composed of form & matter.
  • A consciousness however, goes through an ascension. Currently, our 3rd dimensional consciousness is ascending into a higher 5th dimensional consciousness as more and more people awaken. Basically, this means human beings on Earth could eventually evolve into super psychic & advanced badasses.
  • FYI in case anyone is wondering – 4th dimensional consciousness is the dream/meditation state. More on that some other time…

One thing that’s really important for you to keep in mind, is that not all people who are ascending, are simultaneously going through an awakening.  This explains why ignorance, fear, hatred, racism, etc. so abundantly exists among us.

OK, let’s get into it and unpack it all…

Phase 1
More than likely, you experienced a life altering event such as a death of a loved one or the end of a relationship. You may fight depression or extreme sadness and loneliness.  Life is disappointing: your job, your relationships and your general wellness. You feel unsupported by and dissatisfied with life and those around you. But you also realize it’s time to take life in your own hands and accept responsibility for all of it. Seeking happiness from an external source and relying on others for your joy just doesn’t work. You decide you have had enough and recognize it’s time to start with yourself. As you do, you start to see life from a different perspective. On the surface, you begin to feel happier and lighter – but you also realize you’re fundamentally unhappy with your current life circumstances.  You have become tired of your own bullshit.  It’s time to address all the emotions surrounding your past and how you have chosen to live your life. What caused you to make the choices you did? You begin to go deeper into your emotions and start to do the inner soul work.

Phase 2
As you do the inner work, the push-pull can begin to feel uncomfortable as your intuition and empathic abilities start to develop.  Do you continue on the path of being woke, or do you shut it all down and go back to the way things were? Stepping into the unknown can be scary…  Your life as you have always known it starts to feel heavy and burdensome – your beliefs, relationships, interests… The way you have lived, your thoughts, words and actions feel wrong.  You begin to feel stuck in the same old patterns with one common denominator – YOU. Everything you built your life and beliefs upon has begun to fall to shit. This is where people either shut it all down – or continue on and begin to transform.  As you move forward, life can feel confusing and a little scary. In order to understand the light, you have to experience the dark.  You can feel depressed and utterly alone. Angry, you feel as if the people around you just don’t understand.  You grow apart from everyone you thought was your support system, you feel as if you have very little satisfaction in your life and you feel lost.  This can be the hardest phase to get through, but once you do, this is when you start to ask the bigger and deeper questions. of yourself. 

Phase 3
As you look deeper within, you realize that through changing yourself you will automatically change your life circumstances.  You may develop an interest in, or start studying or researching spirituality or holistic/metaphysical topics.  You realize that you are on this Earth for a reason and as your consciousness expands, your intuition and psychic abilities become more predominant.  You start experiencing synchronicity such as recurring numbers, and you begin to believe your thoughts, words and actions shape your reality. Your lifestyle slowly starts shifting and changing as validation of this. You begin to pay attention to consciously living by Universal Laws: The Law of Attraction, The Law of Vibration, etc.  This new awareness allows you to trust the Universe as you begin to understand your true purpose. You realize the greater power of energy and intention as you seek to fully express your true, authentic self – the very person you have come to this Earth to be.  Example: I know with 100% certainty that my primary purpose in this life is to guide, mentor and help people through their own awakening process  by offering them a place to get real, science-based  answers, meet like-minded kindred, and learn to re-connect to their true path as they awaken and strengthen their own intuitive abilities.

Phase 4
As you begin to align with your life path and your authentic self, inspiration comes to you in all areas of your life. Things start magically unfolding and you gain a deep clarity. You begin to attract abundance in your life through your creations and ideas. Your life has gone through a remarkable transformation; the people, your experiences, and your circumstances reflect your current state of awareness and higher consciousness. Challenges are still presented to you, but you are much better equipped emotionally and spiritually to address them. They don’t determine your level of happiness or your circumstances. You begin to consciously co-create with Spirit. You realize that when you surrender to a higher power, things are better, easier, and everything falls into place. You begin to work with Source energy and trust you will always be guided. Your connection with your Spirit Guides, Angels and Higher-Self strengthens.  Your intuition and psychic abilities grow stronger and stronger.

Phase 5
As you move into the flow of working within Universal Laws and in Co-Creation with the Divine, you start to align your energy with that of unconditional love. You are love, you radiate love and you feel love. You realize that this life is temporary and simply an experience to learn and enjoy. You are in the flow and when you trust the process, you realize that all your needs are always provided by the Universe – everythign you need in order to live your life’s purpose. You understand that your entire awakening has simply been to make your life easier, more peaceful and more secure.


Everyone goes through these phases at their own “speed”.  The deepest truth is that no one can make a wrong choice because each experience results in growth (even one that results in death).  As human beings, the physical dies but the spiritual lives on – an immortal piece of the whole of divine Source energy.

Visit the Woke Mind Body Studio website to check out the classes, workshops, events and services we offer that can help you through your awakening.


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