Clarity, Closure & Completion

soul lesson masteryThis message falls in line with the end of the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. It’s about gaining clarity around WHY certain things happened the way they did, and being in a place to see with new perspective, the reasons certain situations must come to an end. Now is the time for closure and completion. Now is the time to move forward into a new phase of your life that is waiting to begin. (credit Alex Myles)

How? By being willing to address any anger or resentment you may have still inside you.

Meeting the anger of others with my own anger (even if repressed) isn’t helpful and it doesn’t do any good. And I’ve decided I just don’t want to do that anymore.

See, when we have people in our lives who are angry with us (for whatever reasons), we may not be entirely blameless, but we also may not be the only one who brought nonsense to the situation… Maybe they were never able to receive love due to their own programming and trauma. Maybe they need to be in control and subconsciously manipulate in order to feel needed. Maybe they just have such a deep seated dislike of themselves, they are totally unable show any sort of grace or compassion for others. Or maybe they are so insecure in themselves, they take satisfaction and joy in watching someone who has what they themselves want, lose it. You may not ever get the complete story about why they are angry with you, so you must also find some peace about that as well. No one wants to be the bad-guy, but you cant control the inability of others to get to the real source of their shadow, so stop carrying their emotional burdens.

Anger that has been simmering over the years condenses into something more intense as it mixes with resentments that continue to accumulate as the initial issue goes unresolved. As an Empath, I can feel it as clearly as I know it in myself… But when you reach a point in your journey where you realize you simply no longer feel as if you deserve to be the recipient of that anger, you can then see EVERYTHING from a new perspective, and with crystal clear clarity. You can feel compassion for the unease and unspoken that still exists between you, but decide that you will no longer “carry it” within. You can now give the other a choice to carry it alone, or be open to fix what has been broken and connect in a new and stronger way.

And when we try to fix broken things, we can only be stronger, my friends. No, it’s not always easy – sometimes it’s hard. But even if you make the choice to completely disconnect from one another, you will both be stronger because you made a choice to walk away… while sincerely wishing the other wellness.

And all that anger… I mean, hasn’t it been exhausting all these years? It’s time to drop the burden and just allow yourself to be who you are meant to be. To stop, quiet down and listen to what your soul and your heart has to say – because its the only voice that f***ing matters.

You’re in there, you know… waiting to just be yourself – at peace, in love and void of self judgement and doubt. You are waiting to begin being the happiest you can be in every moment – mindfully and beautifully and in a way that makes your soul sing.

So thank you for the nudge, Mercury Retrograde Shadow period. Now is the time to mindfully and intentionally move into a new phase of your journey.

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