Change, Renewal and Releasing Resistance

Renewal Release Resistance

Its going to be an interesting time as Uranus moves into Taurus… Taurus is about stability, structure and growth… while Uranus brings change, renewal, and taking down old resistances and ways of doing things. The two naturally oppose one another, but work together in a beautiful symbiotic way. Its a bit of a power struggle between the old and the new.

It’s time to use this energy to manifest your hearts-desire. How? You know I always tell you how…

Creative thought, visualization, the power of aligning your mind’s eye and imagination with your emotions.

Can you believe it? Day-dreaming is the key to manifestation.

To help get you get started on this vision-quest journey, ask yourself two hugely important questions:

  1. Who do I want to be?
  2. What does my subconscious need to believe in order to have the life and be the person, I want?

Create vision boards, intentions, lists and mapping… Outlines, bulleted journaling and any other form of getting your desires out onto paper and creating a blueprint for the Universe to follow. Then, when it’s time to construct it, the most important tool it will use is to simply tap into your emotions, your feelings and your subconscious to begin the build.

Your job? To consistently deliver messages and happy emotions of all the things that feed your soul. See, feel and smell them. Imagine in the greatest detail possible and just let your mind enjoy the trip into your most sought after desires. Smile, laugh and fall deeper and deeper into your perfect world. Remember that what you imagine to be possible, will inevitably become your belief. And when it becomes your belief, it becomes real.

This is an in credibly powerful time to get clear on several other questions to ask yourself:

1) HOW you envision creating your prosperity,
2) What it looks like when you are prosperous,
3) What strengths you need to develop within yourself to make it all happen,
4) Who you need to BE, to live out your dreams: what traits will you possess?

Imagine it. See it. Feel it. Don’t hold back, don’t doubt the possibility of your ability to receive or achieve, and you will move beyond the daydream…and into your new reality.

We can’t do this using old ideas, beliefs and techniques. We can only do this by change, renewal, and releasing long standing resistances to believing that our dream is achievable.

Have a wonderful, renewing week ~ Jo

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