Feeling Stuck & Uninspired

Stuck and Uninspired

Over the last few years I’ve come to realize just how wonderful and exciting life can be.  Having embraced my spiritual awakening and ascension, the possibilities are now limitless and I know without a doubt that I have the ability to create my life in a way that fills me with excitement and a deep feeling of empowerment.

But sometimes I say to that super inspiring and motivating voice, Zip it. Today is not the day”. 

Sometimes I get into a mental slump that causes me to feel like all the inner work I’ve done over the years hasn’t accomplished a damn thing. And I’ve been there many times… Feeling blah, uninspired and unmotivated. Ambivalent.

And honestly, I’m a little annoyed (even angry) that I find myself in that emotional space… AGAIN??!!??

But over the course of my awakening, I’ve been through this a few times. You know – the whole rodeo thing.

When this energy settles into my bones, I’ve learned to use this time to go inward and find the root of the emotions.

I mean, what else can I do? My options are to feel bad about myself and life for the length of the emotional funk, or to focus my mind on other things that HELP me through the shit-show period. 

I’ve learned the best way to make it through is to rest and realign mindfully and with a whole lot of self-compassion. I focus on grounding my energy and getting really clear on the emotions banging around in my head that are unexpressed or unidentified. 

This new Moon energy has been critical to guide me to become more aware of my actual process of growth, and to better understand that stability comes from within instead of giving the power to my external environment. The known and familiar will not always be in place in my life, so to begin seeing each moment as one I can create based on my reaction to it, brings with it a feeling of extreme self-empowerment unlike anything else.

I asked myself who, what and where – in order to focus my awareness on where I am in my life, right now in this moment. What’s my vibe? What frequency am I at and attracting? This shows me where I need to make an adjustment or a change – and to help make that change, I call on my guides for help getting back on the path to an inspired life with ease, grace and self-compassion. 

I also look at my connection to my life. Where and how I spend my time, and check to see if it’s out of balance.  Do I spend more time working and focusing on the studio, than I spend with friends, family and myself? It’s incredibly easy to get lost in worry, doubt and fear;  and to neglect the authentic emotional connections in our lives. When I’m feeling uninspired, it’s usually because I’m experiencing a feeling of disconnection – both social and spiritual. I realize it’s time to reconnect with my higher self, as well as with those who help me to feel good about my life, and those I have chosen to share the more intimate aspects with. 

Other times, I do too much. While life as a business owner is amazing, if I wanted to, I could work every day, night and weekend,  and still not get to the to-do list in my planner. I have books I want to read, friends I want to visit and a million ideas in my head I want to implement. Sometimes I spend so much time working my business, I don’t have time to work ON my business. The urge to feel helpless can be tempting… But I’ve made a commitment to myself that my first priority is to living well.  I can kindly say no to things I don’t want to do, without worry or fear how the other is feeling about my decision, and not allow it to take up way too much space for the next two days in my head.  I can set boundaries and I can prioritize the things that are most important to me and tackle the list of to-do’s when I’m feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.

I also check in with myself to see if I’m doing things that don’t inspire me or fill me with excitement. When my life begins to feel as if it’s less of an expression of me, versus an expression of fear of there “not being enough”, I know I’m off path. It’s my first clue and my strongest. It’s the natural GPS of the human experience – it’s our intuition; our knowing.  This extends to all areas of my life:  Am I hosting events at  the studio that make me feel good about providing an authentic expression of the space, or is it out of balance and where? What events do I need less of and what do I need more of?  Am I living life in ways that feel genuine, or am I making decisions based on the fear of something “bad” happening if I so yes or no?  Am I surrounding myself and cultivating close relationships with people who cause me to stretch in ways that feel warm and lovely and safe, or I am putting time into connections that continue to validate the lower vibrational thoughts and emotions I have worked so hard to release from my inner programming?  I make sure I’m clear on how I’m contributing to the circumstances I’m experiencing and make any necessary edits.

Feeling uninspired and stuck can be a difficult energy to get out of , but it can also be your indication that it’s time to come up with new ways of being, living, speaking and taking action to change up the energy around you; it makes things more interesting.

New. Different.

This shows the Universe that I’m making an effort to grow and challenge myself, my career, and my relationships.  It shows myself that I give myself the compassionate freedom to make the changes in my life that feel good and expansive, instead of sticking with the old ways that leave me feeling bad about myself and my life.  It helps me to return to the energy of inspiration and expansion.

It’s about duality, my friends – the contrast between two concepts.

If you’re feeling uninspired and stuck in this New Moon energy, know it will pass… but don’t let it pass without accepting the gift of it’s beautifully healing and revealing energy.  Look deep into your feelings of stuck and see where you have the  power to make changes.

Connect with me if you want to work together to explore your stuck-ness… there are so many things Woke offers that will help:

  • Classes & workshops
  • Akashic Therapy Sessions and Readings
  • One on One Mentoring for Awakening Intuitives & Empaths
  • Energy Work
  • Trauma Informed Massage
  • And Medical Intuitive Sessions

Visit the studio services, classes and events and intuitive guidance pages for more info!

I wish you an inspired week, my friends ~ Jo

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