Weave Your Life

Weave Your LIfe

This week’s message is a beautiful reminder that worrying we aren’t capable enough to master our own lives isn’t our reality, it’s a fear we’re being shown – and it must be shed.

It’s the act of questioning our own ability to make the right decisions for ourselves about our own happiness, health and well-being. This causes us to feel dependent on the belief we need help in order to accomplish anything in life… especially our dreams.

And then comes the feeling of being powerless.

But Spirit wants us to know that our ability to take complete responsibility for the situations and circumstances in our lives is simply a matter of believing that we are capable of doing so – fully and completely.

It’s about faith in ourselves; all the lessons we’ve learned along the way and all the growth we’ve achieved. It’s about believing that all the years of inner work has truly gifted us with the awareness and skills to deal with any circumstance appearing on our path.

You have the skills even if you don’t believe you do…

You have the power of Yang, your creative masculine force. The power to create your reality with choice, emotion and action. We do this every day, in every minute. But if you look around and only see dissatisfaction, lack and disharmony, this is what you have created by way of these thoughts. You’re a powerful creator, so it is time to mindfully begin to create from a place of power and joy. Because that is what you will attract into your life.

You also have the power of Ying, your receptive feminine force. The power to receive all that you have created. Receiving is easy when we accept that which we subconsciously believe we “deserve”, and it doesn’t matter if the situation is positive or negative. The challenge comes with accepting things we may not believe we are worthy of receiving. Financial freedom, love, trust, friendship, responsibility, success… all the things we want, yet seem to elude us. They elude you not because you don’t deserve them – but because you don’t believe you are worthy of receiving them. The distinction is subtle, yet immense.

When we are in a beautiful and symbiotic state of co-creation with the Universe, our Ying/Yang energies work together in a harmonious dance to create our true state of being. It’s a natural, easy, exciting and peaceful existence where we decide which direction we want our life to go.

Under this Scorpio Full Moon energy, take a minute to look back on where you have been and all that you have learned along the way. Truly allow yourself to see with fresh eyes the accomplishments and changes you have made to your life. Do not look with eyes that see what isn’t quite good enough, but instead look with eyes that show you how much in your life has changed for the better. Focus on THIS and then it becomes your point of attraction.

Be appreciative and proud of your evolution. Anything else is just a burden to carry.

Our burdens are a state of continued suffering over something we really have no reason to carry any longer. The shadow finds sooo many ways to subconsciously self-punish, but the truth of our very nature is that we choose to carry burdens. We allow them to take up space in our heads as unspoken words or unexpressed pain. Instead of processing them in a healthy way, we repress them, the energy settling into our negative programming and our physical body, resulting in neck and shoulder pain, headaches, back pain, hip and knee pain…

Say no to it all by no longer allowing yourself to get pulled back into situations that feel heavy: relationships, events, circumstances or conversations. Your ability to say no is your boundary and your power.

During this Full Moon, use the energy to release anything that comes to your awareness that keeps you in a mindset of guilt, shame or judgment of self. Beautiful soul, you no longer need to carry any of it. You no longer need to subconsciously block yourself from your truth or your dreams of safety, peace, freedom and joy.

During this Full Moon energy, take a big deep breath, give yourself permission to let it all go and begin to mindfully and joyfully weave your life into a design that makes you feel proud of who you are and what you have accomplished thus far.

And know there is plenty of time to tweak and fine-tune the areas you still want to experience differently. 

There is always time to choose differently.

Have a beautiful week, woke people ~ Jo

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