The New Consciousness ~ Courtesy of the Lion’s Gate

Consciousness Hot Air BalloonHave you experienced the incredible shifts that astrologists, numerologists and psychic mediums have been predicting?

Have you experienced the exhaustion – but in a really satisfying way?

Sleep has come really easily to me for the last several nights, my intuitive abilities have been incredibly strong, and my emotions have been up and down in a really weird way.  One minute I’m giddy about nothing in particular and another I’m snippy about something unimportant.

Don’t get me wrong, the energies have been savage af, but they’ve brought with them a clarity I’ve never felt before; a clarity into anything that was lurking just deep enough within my shadow that I still wasn’t able to truly see it.  But now I can.

I’ve been given clarity in the messages I receive from Spirit for both myself & others, clarity around who I am, clarity around what I want and clarity around how I truly want to make it all happen.

I now know how I want to create my life circumstances. And I’m aware, at a whole new level, that it all boils down to simple choice.

I mean, that’s not a new concept…except it is.  Lion’s Gate energy, I guess.

But here’s the best part – GONE are the beliefs that I need someone else to help make my studio  successful and that I have to fill it with people whose priorities are not the same as mine.

Listen, I love the ability to offer a place for practitioners and facilitators to showcase their healing abilities and passions, but it’s not my dream to be an event planner/promoter or an incubator – and I needed to stop curating the offerings as if it were.

Yes, it’s my path to be in service to others, but it seems that will happen in a really different way than I originally thought… And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an event planner/promoter or an incubator, it’s simply not what I was born to bring to this world.

I realized the studio needs to be filled with people and events that inspire me and make me want to participate and collaborate in ways that I feel motivated to market, promote and support. I realize the studio needs to be an extension of myself – and anything I do in any other form, really isn’t meant for me.

Me, me, me, right? If that seems selfish – it’s not.  It’s self-mastery.

And when you think about it, none of us are here to experience things not meant for us, anyway.

Gone is the ever-present, shadow-lurking hope of being “saved” by someone other than myself. And truth be told, that’s always been an un-whispered wish when it comes to many things in my life… but it was one based in childhood imagining.

It’s now time to give myself all the things I’ve always wanted – and I know I can do it.

I have the ability to choose.  

I can make choices that support my desire for personal freedom – and that’s what the Lion’s Gate opened up to let into my world.  It’s opened me up to a mindset that feels as if it has found a permanent home and has settled in for a very long stay.

Alternately, while the Lions Gate energy opened us up to SO MUCH NEW… it has also brought some pretty intense experiences and circumstances to a close:

  • It’s brought relief from heavy and uncomfortable spiritual growth for many. If you’ve been “doing the work”, you’ll feel it – the lightening of thoughts, words and reactions that have plagued you for a very long time.  You’ll now more readily accept your existence as a spiritual being and the idea that there is MORE than this limiting 3D reality.
  • You could experience a lessening of being “forced” to face situations you have consistently avoided for a very long time and the hard conversations you’ve been putting off. However, if these situations and conversations are written in your soul blueprint, you might not feel a significant reduction until 2020. Free-will is cool and all, but you still have some pretty powerful Guides whose job it is to nudge and encourage you in every aspect of your growth.
  • You might experience freedom from feeling blocked & stuck.  You now feel inspired to move forward out of it all because you finally have some idea about where you want to go. Your inspiration and intuition will be strong, so it’s time to really start trusting yourself.
  • And you could feel relief from dissatisfying life circumstances that impact your career, your personal relationships, and your capacity for manifestation and income earning potential.

Look, radical change doesn’t have to feel difficult. It can feel exhilarating and life-changing.

We can have breakthroughs.

We can heal shit that has consistently kept us locked in nonsense.

We can transform.

We can be really fucking unwilling to settle for less than we deserve… and we can believe with all our being that we deserve more than we settle for.

Real and palpable change is what many of us have been working toward & waiting for, and somehow it feels as if it’s finally arrived.

A phrase popped out at me from a book several years ago, and I’ve repeated it to myself often.  In this moment, I realize it was meant specifically for this next phase of life: “Luck, unforeseen favorable events, fortuitous circumstances and fantastic twists of destiny.” 

That’s been my mantra ever since, and it’s as if the magic of the words has been activated within the Lions Gate energy.

This new consciousness… I’m all in.

And that’s the difference between continuing to experiencing life at a moderately acceptable level, or experiencing life at a level that takes me everywhere I am capable of going.

The Lion’s Gate brought that energy in, but I kicked the gate open…

What has your experience been like? Share it in the comments if you’re feelin’ it.

Good Vibes to you, my kindred ~ Jo

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