By Jo Figueras ~

I want to share an e-mail I received several months ago from a workshop participant. I came across it as I was archiving my inbox ,  and as I re-read it, I knew it was this week’s message for the collective.

See, Spirit doesn’t always communicate with me via my clair-abilities, sometimes they do it in ways that are kind of mundane (such as cleaning out my in-box)…

The subject of the email was “What Does it Mean to be Fearfully Made?”

The workshop participant had included a bible verse in a project she had put together, and I asked about it as she showed me her finished product because the verse caused me to pause.

“Fearfully made?”  I asked her if she would explain to me what that meant (to her); I was sincerely curious.

However, inside I was like, “WTF does that even mean? God doesn’t advocate or condone fear.” The part of me that was not having it was waiting skeptically for her explanation.  And to be honest, I didn’t ask her with the intent to “do battle” – she is literally one of the loveliest souls I’ve ever met (and you too will experience her beauty as you read through her words below), but bible verses like that generally annoy tf outta me. But hey, I realize that’s just my truth and I don’t need to be an asshole about it, right? Right.

Anyway, her brief reply was something I didn’t really resonate with, so I just listened and let it go as we said our goodbyes and wished each other well.

The next day, I received this message from her:

“Hi Jo,  …since our meeting yesterday and your inquiry about the Bible verse (Psalm 139:14), which I had referenced in my art project, I felt a need to really study up on what it means to be “fearfully and wonderfully made”. My words were not very elegant yesterday when I told you what I thought it meant… but my belief is that the “fearfully” reference is not “fearful” in a scary way, but actually a reference to the HIGHEST level of worthiness and the MOST respect, awe and reverence as we ARE God’s creation made in His own image. The word “wonderfully” is because we are distinctive and unique…each of us. Meaning God formed us, creating us as His own masterpiece for a purpose on this earth. The Psalm is a reminder to all (and to me today) that I am the daughter of a King and an heir to His grace while on this earth and His kingdom some day in Heaven!
So I am thankful you asked me yesterday what the verse meant…I feel as if God used your question to really have me look at its meaning. You see, my heart is often troubled with a LACK of worth and a spirit of not being enough or being fearful that who I am at the core, is not acceptable to others; be it my boss, coworkers, neighbors, friends, sister, parents, my husband or even my myself (I have to be perfect and because I am not, I am the very opposite of what the Bible verse says).

I have lived my life as an “apology” for what I think I “should be” for others and often in “guilt” and “shame”, in what I am NOT for them or for my Savior. Thinking the only way to freedom from this was in apology and living small and safe and always in fear.
With your question yesterday -and the study today of the Word, which is from God (and is God breathes), I am reminded in my time of doubt, exactly who I am and that God delights in ME, exactly the way I am (in my BEing). I want to hold on to this lesson He has taught me through your simple question; so that I can be assured in my worth in my BEing regardless of my doing! It is a daily decision and affirmation that I will continue to uphold and reinforce to claim my freedom that God has freely gifted me (and each of us).

Thank you for being an instrument in my journey to understanding and self-love.

Be well and may I encourage you to continue your kind curiosity with others…as you never know the impact our interactions will have. Just look at me! 🙂 Best…and until next time…”

Damn, woman! Those were some beautiful words you just threw down. I am literally SO MUCH THE BETTER because of having just ‘experienced’ them.

Now while the bible verse didn’t resonate with me after her explanation, any more than before, understanding HOW it fills her beliefs and how it shapes her faith was truly beautiful to comprehend. I get it – when explained through her eyes.

And I realized that opposing her belief isn’t important enough to me to do anything other than relinquish the space she already holds it within. She has every right to that space as I have to mine. That’s really all it boils down to. The right to take up space as your path guides you.

So why this message from Spirit? I believe it’s their way of showing us two things. 1) how they work through others to help us experience exactly what we need in the moment (as she stated), and 2) what it means to have grace for the opinions of others by simply allowing them a legitimate right to their “space”.

And in the current political, social and cultural climate, many of us have a really hard time doing that…because well, “we’re right, dammit!!”

It’s exhausting

And look, there really are people with life path’s that are specific to fighting the good fight and changing the political and social fabric for the good of all – equally and for the greater whole. There are. We really don’t need to dig into it so damn deeply.

But we do – and looking at WHY we do, is where our energy is best spent.

Having a deep need to be constantly right and prove your point is a response and distraction from what you would be forced to acknowledge and FEEL if you simply listened to understand, not to reply and justify your opinion.

Yeah, I know – I’m guilty of it too.

This message is a reminder that when you stay in your own lane, focused on your own path and the people you are meant to be in “service” to, you will automatically and fully play your intended part. The part you were born to play.

The rest of it will take care of itself. Our Earth (the beautiful Gaia) is a sentient being herself, and she also has a life path and a soul blueprint. And everything is exactly as it needs to be. She’s a badass, resilient priestess, our Earth. And one day we WILL learn to care for her in the way she needs to be.

As soon as we learn to care for ourselves in the same manner.

But now the muggle in me says this… That doesn’t mean I advocate you stick your head in the sand and ignore things such as blatant miscarriages of justice & cruelty. No. Please don’t do that. Regardless of party lines, it simply boils down to do what feels right & good in each and every moment:

  • Live your truth with integrity and compassion.
  • Listen with a new intent to understand the beauty of what’s being said, versus hearing your bias.
  • And try your fucking hardest to stay present, aware… and woke.

This is a new phase we have all entered, and if your life doesn’t seem any different to you… if you just can’t “feel” that energy of anticipation and transformation in the air, take a moment and make sure you’re not trying to take up space that is already held by another.

Instead, allow yourself to settle into the space meant just for you and let it show you where you’re headed…

Peace to you, woke folks ~ Jo

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