Fear of Intuitive Abilities

Fear of Your Int Abilities

So let’s clear a few things up…

When I ask people what they feel their biggest blocks are to developing their intuitive skills, I very often get the answer, “I’m afraid of what I’m opening myself up to”.

Ok, that’s an honest answer and a legit fear.  But it’s only legit in the context that you simply haven’t learned the truth yet.  So let’s get into it:

No matter how excited you are about developing your intuitive strengths, it’s totally normal to have fear around the process.

And while the specific reasons for that fear are as varied as fingerprints, they basically fall into one of the following “categories”:

  • Worry what your friends, family or employer would think/say/do if they knew,
  • Worry that people will think you’re crazy
  • You often wonder if all this is actually REAL?  Are you crazy and making it all up?
  • You worry you’ll open yourself up to something “bad” that will attach to you.
  • You worry about the conflict between your religious beliefs and your abilities.

Listen, I had the SAME fears as you, and I know how it feels. So let’s talk about it… Let’s bring it all out so you can decide to embrace your abilities fully and fearlessly.

1)  Your fear is normal and HUMAN.  That fear comes from you, not from Spirit.    

Your Spiritual Team is your family.  They love you more than you could even imagine and are experts in spiritual energy.  They aren’t going to let you interact with an angry, low vibe/Earthbound spirit unless it’s in your higher good.  And even then, the interaction will be an experience critical to your specific life path.

For example, if your lifepath includes crossing spirits over, you will definitely experience more sad, lonely or angry spirits than someone whose path it is to help budding intuitives develop their badass abilities. (*wink).

Your Spirit Team is composed of some amazing beings: our Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters (Buddha, Jesus, etc.), Angels, and of course our loved ones who have passed over.

Each and every one is there for you – your growth, your joys and your fears.  They support  us, guide us and keep us safe. Your Guides will never give advice that would hamper the growth of another and they would never give us dire warnings or suggest anything that would hurt another.  They would never advise anyone to commit a crime or violent acts against yourself or another.

Worrying about evil spirits is simple fear, (especially when you don’t engage in activities that “call” on lower vibrational beings), and fear simply lowers your vibration, making it  that much harder for Spirit to connect to you. Meditation, visualization, prayer and your clair-abilities (to name a few), are not activities that open you to lower vibrational energy, so it’s all good.

And when you’re truly ready, your Spirit Team will guide you to the right people, opportunities and resources to help you develop your abilities.  This is their purpose and what they have been waiting for since you incarnated.

I blame Hollywood.

In real life, mediumship and psychic ability are NOTHING like what you’ve seen in movies. Same for clairvoyance.

And you cannot “pick-up” negative energy just because you meditate, connect to your Spirit Guides, or balance your chakras.

Remember, Universal Law always applies to every single situation in your life!  Every. Single. One:

  • Everything is pure energy vibrating at different rates and each of us has our own specific frequency.
  • In accordance with the Law of Attraction, “you attract things, circumstances and conditions that correspond with the nature of your dominant, habitual thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious” (your vibe).
  • Every area of your life, including your health, your finances and all of your relationships, are influenced by this Universal law – “like attracts like“.
  • Intention is also a huge ingredient in your experiences, and if you believe you’ll attract negative people or distressed earthbound energies, you will.

Stay focused, keep your vibe high, try to work through your fears and spend time thinking about all the good that your abilities have to offer the world. It will help you develop a different perspective and ultimately, a different vibrational frequency.

2) Put it all in perspective by getting to the ROOT of your fears.  You’re stepping way outside of your comfort zone and that’s always scary, but it goes much deeper – fear always does. Learn to ask yourself the bigger questions:

  • Who is going to be upset/angry/fearful/ when they find out I’m developing my abilities?
  • What will happen? What will they do or say?
  • Why do I fear that outcome? What about that reaction causes me to avoid the situation?  Does it conflict with my religious beliefs?

Get clear on the answers to these questions by meditating, journaling, blogging or talking it out with a friend or family member you trust.

I mean, it’s not necessary to come out of the intuitive closet with a social media public announcement!  You have every right to open up your circle a little at a time… until you just don’t care who knows. That’s what I did, and it was gradual and stress free.

3) Spend some time dreaming and visualizing how much better life will be with developed abilities! The benefits FAR outweigh the fears you may have.

And try to keep this in mind… moving through your fears can feel scary, but also exciting!  It can help you truly see, appreciate, and even honor your path.  It can help you better understand just how far you have come, where you are right now, and where you will be in a year.

Acknowledge your fear, honor your journey, focus on your heart’s desire and take small steps!

So now that you can approach your fear in an empowered way while feeling  more comfortable opening yourself up to the guidance and support of Spirit, let’s talk about where the guidance comes from.  Yes, it comes from Spirit, but what exactly is going on over there anyway?

Who exactly are you connecting to and hearing from?

Once again, Hollywood sucks when it comes to depicting this topic with any level of authenticity, so let’s look at the reality of being intuitive.

Where does psychic information come from?

Your guidance comes from your Higher Self and your Spirit Team.

In the movies, experiencing visions and hearing voices (by the way, which is NOT how clairaudience works) often has a scary energy attached to it. And while these depictions make for an OK spooky story, they are often totally non-factual bullshit.

Guidance and messages from Spirit WILL NEVER intentionally scare you. Your entire Spiritual Team works for your highest good  in order for you to successfully carry out your lifepath and soul blueprint.  The information they send you will always be supportive, guiding and loving.  Their only intent is to help you and it doesn’t help you if you’re scared. Fear only lowers your vibe and makes it that much harder for them to connect to you through your clairs:

  • Clairvoyance (seeing via your mind’s eye; sometimes your naked eye)
  • Clairsentience (feeling and sensing via your energy centers [chakras])
  • Clairaudience (spontaneous hearing within your mind)
  • Claircognizance (an inner and absolute knowing )

Who is on your Spirit Team?

Your Higher Self
Your higher self is YOU in spirit form.  It’s you guiding you.  They/you know every detail of your soul blueprint because they/you wrote it! They/you know exactly why you’re on this earth and what your life purpose is.  They are also the originator of your intuition.  And because our higher self is responsible for guiding our lifepath, we often receive messages that have to do with things like “start that business” or “take this road, not the other”. Your higher-self IS Spirit, just like any of your other Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guides
Think of these guides as a team of trusted advisors with specific knowledge and expertise in various areas of human life and ascension.  They have spent time in this Universe and are very familiar with how it all works, graciously agreeing to guide us in our Earth lives and help us maneuver our challenges and goals.  Our Guides may present themselves to us as a personality we knew in a past life, and use the name we knew them by. They don’t do this for themselves; they do so for our comfort. Sometimes they choose a persona based on a favorite past life or one you shared together. We also recognize them by their vibe – their energy.  We can tell the difference between male and female energy that has stepped forward to work with us, and while we may not know their name, we can energetically receive specific information about them and their purpose in our lives.  When you channel your guides, you may intuitively know with whom you are speaking and the details of their presence.  Your guides may be friends you have known for all time, or some may be newer friends. Regardless, they all support your challenges as well as your successes.  Your Spirit Guides can also be loved one’s who have passed over. Remember, we have very full and active lives on The Other Side, and that includes having jobs.  When your loved ones return to Spirit, they eventually also return to their spirit lives – and that can often include “work” as a Guide.

Spiritual Teams
Your spirit team is an extended version of your guides and includes a variety of beings:

  • Ascended Masters (Jesus, Buddha, etc.)
  • Your loved ones
  • Angels (who deliver messages just like your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides). Incredibly wise and divine beings, Angels often use signs and symbols to provide you with the insight or knowledge you seek or need.  For example, you may notice recurring numbers, feathers, and synchronicities.  Angels love offering support, and can always be reached for clarification or divine counsel. Once you ask for help, learn to recognize how they send it!

Your entire spiritual team has the highest and best intentions for you, offering constant guidance and support as you travel this Earthbound life. When you begin this spiritual journey, you may not be able to tell who is sending you messages and assistance,  but as you continue your development, you will learn to sense who is sending you messages, and why.

Our Higher Self and team of Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones send us information through our intuition and abilities, so there is no need to be worried about who is “coming through.”  

Spirit support is meant to guide you, not frighten you.

Learning to accept it with love and appreciation helps take the fear out of intuitive development, and helps you become more confident in yourself, your abilities and your messages.

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