Find A Way To Get In The Way

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“Find a way to get in the way – good trouble, necessary trouble.”

~ Civil Rights Leader, John Lewis

This is a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately and I’m finally being called to write about it.  My good friend Karen posted the quote above, and when I read it, I knew I was meant to see it.  It was the missing piece that I had been asking to receive.

I also have to thank my lovely friend Cathy for her inspiration on this topic.  She is always there to hear me, and I appreciate her more than she knows.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen A LOT of spiritually based pages sharing the message to love each other, get along with each other and to not let race or politics negatively impact our relationships.

And that’s important.

We have to remember that everyone is experiencing their current reality differently. Their perspective, circumstances, beliefs and outcomes are as unique as their DNA and the impact of any situation is always specific to each individual. Your experiences are not going to be the same as mine, and vice versa.  When we learn to consider and respect that, things become much easier.

But we must also recognize when our core values are in conflict with those around us.

We have to know when it’s time to create distance between ourselves and those who contribute to our daily consumption in the form of our friends, family, social media news feeds, co-workers, and our spiritual community. While we may enjoy certain people, we may also have vastly different beliefs that make it difficult to interact or communicate without feeling anger or sadness.

So when I see posts telling people that we are all one and we need to be the light, I have to admit I get really fucking annoyed.

Now to be fair, when we experience negativity and choose not to respond to words or actions, we DO significantly limit the impact those words/actions are able to have on us, BUT the time to attempt to encourage a “bad apple” to change their beliefs and behaviors by letting our behavior stand as an example, has proven to be incredibly ineffective in the current social climate. And while removing ourselves from negative people or attempting to understand why they embrace such beliefs may seem empowering because you don’t allow them to impact the quality of your experiences – it’s can also be a coping mechanism and a form of avoidance.

When passivity replaces light work, you are engaged in good old spiritual bypassing: the use of spiritual beliefs to avoid dealing with uncomfortable feelings & emotions, deep seated opinions & bias, and a subconscious fear of the loss of personal safety & comfort.

And when the message is that YOU must be the bigger person, more spiritually advanced, more wise and more woke, it’s wrapped in the suggestion that if you’re not, then you’re not BEING the light. That you’re not doing it how you should.


See – this is important – there are activists, politicians, journalists, walls of Mom’s & Dad’s… and millions of people on Earth whose specific Life Path and the expression of that path is to confront and change systematic racism, poverty, humanitarian violations, inequality, health disparities, etc.  And their platforms exist at all levels: global, regional, local and personal.

They have incarnated with a life path and soul purpose to confront and change structures and beliefs that just do not support a higher vibrational frequency for  ascension and awakening.  Their very purpose is to find a way to make waves, stir the pot, and bring the dark out into the light to help bring about revolution and transformation. But to do that, requires righteous anger, passion, fierceness and tenacity.  It will require being FED UP, PISSED OFF, and determined to keep the narrative going because if just ONE person experiences a change in their perspective, then that is one very well-fought battle.

And if not for righteous anger and passion, victory may not have been acquired.

Focused outrage has a PURPOSE; this has been true throughout history.  It motivates people to stop being passive, and to finally stand up and take action.

So when someone tells us to “be the light” by passively rising above the hate, not engaging and looking past behaviors into the root, they assume the ONLY correct path toward “being the light” is how THEY would do it.  They assume their method of being the light is the more correct version and anything other than that is the result of not “doing the work”, or not being woke enough.

I fucking hate assumptions.

They cause people to doubt themselves, beat themselves up and generally go around feeling as if they aren’t good enough or aren’t “doing it” the right way.

The only opinion that matters is how YOU feel about YOURSELF.

Giving our personal power away means allowing others to determine our self-value and our self-perceptions. You know when you feel out of alignment with YOUR path, not the other person.

So when you see posts and articles and forecasts that tell you in order for you to be the light, you need to quit doing this and do more of that, and you need to stop saying that and start saying this, and you need to remember this and that…. Please remember that you have a very specific purpose on this Earth and not all paths are passive. Not all paths are the same and not all paths are determined by what your spiritual guru would do.

Being the light has nothing to do with following a certain set of rules or meeting specific expectations.  It has to do with finding your souls purpose, your heart’s desire, and taking it out into the world to help lift others in the areas of equality, human rights, empathy & love.  And it does not matter HOW you do that as long as you are in alignment with your Higher-Self.

Some are meant to write and speak with passion and fire. Some are meant to communicate with deep compassion and understanding.  All are meant to experience their life with an internal compass that will keep us on OUR path.  Listen to your compass, it will never lead you astray.

All roads there are unique to each person walking them.

So if that means fighting a good fight – then you are most certainly the light JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

Global transformation takes all types of spiritual warriors; never doubt your part, no matter how you play it.

Find a way to get IN the way.  Find good trouble. Find necessary trouble.

~ Much love to all you Bad ASS Lightworkers out there – Jo


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