Intentional Connection

Hey Woke People! Let’s talk about the Alpha State and how tapping into it before connecting to Spirit is the key to a stronger connection.

What is the Alpha state?
It’s a brainwave frequency we reach when we are calm, resting, and grounded with a slightly diffused awareness. You can find yourself having naturally reached Alpha after a walk in the woods, sex, or during any activity you feel relaxed in body & mind.

What is Intentional Connection?
Just like it sounds. Deliberate connection when you want to communicate with Spirit for a specific reason: a reading, energy work, massage, meditation, visualization, goal planning, creative expression (writing, painting, designing), etc.

Before I intentionally connect to Spirit, I always do a quick breathing exercise to take me into the Alpha state a little faster: 3-4 deep breaths in through the nose, with a longer exhale out my mouth that lasts twice as long as the inhale. This triggers the body’s relaxation response, helping the process along faster.

I then use a simple visualization technique to take me even deeper and to fire up my Clairvoyance:

  • With your eyes closed, visualize a glowing ball of light resting on top of your head
  • Visualize the number 3 in the center
  • See the ball move down through your body, warming and relaxing you as it moves through.
  • Feel the love and the relaxation that comes with it.
  • When the light reaches your feet, see the Earth welcome it within it’s layers.
  • Now see the ball of light and 2 move down your body as you feel the love and the relaxation that comes with it. Feel it exit the bottom of your feet, just as number 3 did.
  • Now visualize another light with the number 1 in the middle, moving through you, warming and relaxing you and exiting, just as the other numbers did.
  • Feel how incredibly relaxed you are and say to yourself: “I now reach a deep level of intuitive connection”

This exercise will help you achieve a few things:
1) With consistent practice, you will eventually program your mind to reach a deeper level intuitively simply by counting from 3 to 1,
2) You worked your Clairvoyant muscle using visualization, and
3) You are intentionally connecting to Spirit at will.

At this point, you’re ready to begin any intuitive or connection work with Spirit or Your Higher Self. Most of my clients are very interested in receiving the name of their Spirt Guide, so below is a fun practice you can use to help identify that informaiton:

Exercise: Getting to Know Your Guides

You will need paper and something to write with (or your laptop, device, etc.). Create a list of questions (see examples below; feel free to add to, or adjust the questions to your liking).

After Intentional Connection, sit quietly for a moment with the intention to connect with your master spirit guide.

To begin, simply write down the first thing that comes to mind after you ask a question.  Don’t second guess or overthink, simply move onto the next question.

  • Male or Female:
  • Name:
  • Appearance:
  • Number of Lifetimes Together:
  • Nature of Relationship:
  • Did we share any past lives together? If so, what was our relationship?
  • What lesson are you here to help me learn?
  • Are you a lifetime guide or are you here to guide me through a particular lesson?
  • How can we deepen our connection?
  • What is your “sign” to let me know you’re around?
  • How can I listen to and follow your guidance?
  • What is your preferred form of communication? (Tarot, Oracle, Runes, Meditation, Clair-abilities, Channeling, Automatic Writing, etc.)

As we learn to communicate with our Guides, we feel less of a need to constantly seek answers outside of ourselves and instead begin to trust ourselves as we strengthen our Higher Self connection.  It’s similar to developing a friendship, no different simply because they are in spirit form. Our Guides want us to know ourselves at deep levels, to know what we want in life, and they want us to know how to fulfill our dreams and desires.

Be open to receiving messages in your own unique way. Don’t compare yourself to another – you’re simply not the same, so neither is the way you display your abilities.

Use this technique, every day for 30 days, and you’ll notice a BIG difference!

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