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The founder of Woke Studio and The Woke Akashic, Jo Figueras is an Akashic Soul Blueprint Reader, an Intuitive Development Coach, and an Artisan Jewelry Designer who incorporates numerology and astrology in the design of custom jewelry pieces for her clients.

Jo has worked as a professional reader since 2014, but has been working with her abilities in conjunction with divination for over 25 years. As a teacher, she offers a large catalogue of metaphysical and holistic classes & workshops via both online and in-person platforms, with a focus on empowering Intuitives and Empaths to develop and strengthen their abilities. After leaving the corporate world of Marketing and Public Relations where she was a certified event planner, Jo opened her studio space to hosting and organizing metaphysical events, gallery readings, meditations and healing retreats.


Hello woke souls! My name is Jo, and I’m honored to help you navigate and master your Intuitive and Spiritual journey. By connecting to your Spirit Guides, I deliver important and life-changing messages to help you live in alignment with your joy.

As an Intuitive Development Teacher, I help my students strengthen the intuitive abilities that are naturally within to help you navigate your Life Path and your Soul Blueprint. As you learn the importance of connecting to your intuition, you gain a deeper understanding of your purpose, your abilities, and how to align your daily experiences with your goals, dreams and desires.

What do you want to experience, and how do you want to feel? I can help you get crystal clear on that ~ and show you how to get there.

To nourish my soul, I’m a writer, a jewelry designer, and I’m passionate about teaching others to develop their own intuitive abilities to enrich their lives, and the lives of others.

~ With Love and Support,

Find all my links here (FB, Insta, etc.): https://linktr.ee/thewokeakashic

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Intentional Connection

Hey Woke People! Let’s talk about the Alpha State and how tapping into it before connecting to Spirit is the key to a stronger connection. What is the Alpha state?It’s a brainwave frequency we reach when we are calm, resting, and grounded with a slightly diffused awareness. You can find yourself having naturally reached Alpha … Continue reading Intentional Connection

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