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Jo has been a professional reader since 2014, but has worked with her abilities for over 25 years. As a teacher, she offers metaphysical and holistic classes & workshops online and in-person platforms, with a focus on empowering Intuitives and Empaths to develop and strengthen their abilities.

After leaving the corporate world of Marketing and Public Relations, Jo realized her goals of becoming a Holistic Energy Practitioner, performing Intuitive & Akashic Readings, guiding others through meditations and organizing healing retreats.

In 2020, she closed her brick & mortar business and moved across the country to Portland, OR where she is currently following her dreams and fully listening to the whisperings of her soul.

“I co-host a weekly podcast called Esoterix where we talk about modern spirituality, social issues and all things metaphysical.

I’m an Akashic Records and Soul Blueprint Practitioner, a Spirit Guide Channel, Psychic Medium, Empath Mentor, and an Intuitive Development Instructor with a focus on empowering HSPs, Intuitives and Empaths to develop and strengthen their abilities in order to align with their life purpose.

To feed my soul, I’m an Artisan Jewelry Designer who incorporates numerology and astrology in the design of custom jewelry pieces for my clients.

I love to inspire & empower others to align with their soul purpose.”


Find all my links here (FB, Insta, etc.): https://linktr.ee/thewokeakashic

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Intentional Connection

Hey Woke People! Let’s talk about the Alpha State and how tapping into it before connecting to Spirit is the key to a stronger connection. What is the Alpha state?It’s a brainwave frequency we reach when we are calm, resting, and grounded with a slightly diffused awareness. You can find yourself having naturally reached Alpha … Continue reading Intentional Connection

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