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If you’ve been wanting to work with someone one on one to develop your intuitive abilities, you’ve found the right place!

Jo created a customized plan that focused on my understanding and comfort level with my abilities. This helped me quickly build confidence and I am now able to regularly tap into my abilities. Each session was fun and exciting as I grew more and more connected with my spirit guides. I so enjoyed working with Jo in what was truly a life-changing experience for me. Thanks for all your help and support; I feel like a whole new person!
~ LeighAnne R.

“I absolutely loved having Jo as my mentor! I appreciated that she tailored my intuitive development sessions specific to my needs and she was patient with me. I learned so much valuable information during my time working with her. She really helped me feel comfortable and increased my confidence in my intuition. Working with her was just what I needed to help me further down my spiritual path. Jo is genuine, knowledgeable, and really down to earth. She is also a ton of fun to work with! I could really tell she has a passion for educating and mentoring others. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their spiritual gifts and abilities.”
~ Erica K.

You guys, I LOVE helping people discover their intuitive abilities! Seeing the excitement on a gorgeous face as they realize what they are intuitively capable of, is the best feeling in the world!

And I’m serious about giving you the tools and information you MOST need:
• Thorough training in a fun & safe space,
• Interesting science-based content, information & materials,
• Supportive guidance & mentoring,
• Practical exercises and techniques,
• A fun space to practice,
• And a solid foundation on which to begin your intuitive development journey.

I’ll show you how to hone your intuition and learn to discern between your subconscious/ego, your higher-self, and your Spirit Guides.

You’ll also:

• Develop improved energetic and psychic awareness
• Strengthen your third eye,
• Learn to reach higher levels of consciousness
• Learn to identify messages and guidance from your spiritual team,
• And learn to trust yourself and the information you receive.

The joy and confidence that results from Intuitive Development Training is life-changing because it isn’t just about your psychic abilities! You’ll also experience a greater level of self-trust, increased self-esteem & self-awareness, and experience creative inspirations that fill you with absolute joy.

And if you’re feeling stuck and uninspired by life, you’ll also notice an increased clarity and purpose that may inspire you to pursue a new direction that helps others.

Intuitive Development Training helps you discover a deep sense of peace and trust that can guide you to step into a new life aligned with your heart’s biggest desires.

Work with me and I’ll help you develop a powerful ability to connect to your higher knowing!

Start with the basics…

Module 1 – Foundations (includes Akashic Reading)

Module 2 – Energy Management & Mastering Your Empathic Abilities

Module 3 – Identifying & Developing Your Intuitive Abilities

Module 4 – Working with your Spirit Guides

And when you are ready, explore more advanced topics!

Module 1 – Divination: Tarot & Oracle

Module 2 – Channeling & Mediumship

Module 3 – Manifestation & Co-Creation

Module 4 – The Akashic Records

With each package purchased, I include an Akashic Reading to give you an individualized course of study, as well as electronic handouts for each module, containing training materials, helpful information, exercises, techniques & resources. You’ll also receive free admission to The Woke Akashic’s monthly Intuitive Development Discussion Circle.

Four Sessions/60-90 Minutes Each:
$125 per session or $450 for a 4-session package

To start the process, complete the following form: 

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