Intuitively Designed Jewelry Based on Your Numerology & Astrology

After my first trunk show in 2016, I decided I was ready to start making jewelry professionally. Metalsmithing has expanded my creativity in major ways and shown me how deeply jewelry design and fabrication are woven throughout my soul.  Jewelry Design will always be my true love, the spark that ignites my fire, and the dream that keeps me moving forward into new styles, trends and techniques.

It is my art. 

When I started using my intuitive abilities to design custom pieces for my clients, I opened to a whole new level of inspiration. The intention that goes into every step of the design and fabrication process is meant to create a piece that assists you in masterfully navigating this beautiful and sometimes challenging human journey. Your custom design specifically works with, and enhances, your personal energy field. Interpreting your unique numerology and astrology charts sets the foundation for a piece made for just one person on this Earth – YOU. 

The natural frequency of the Earth is 7.83 hertz, which is also the average frequency of the human brain when relaxed.  To enhance our natural state, I create jewelry made from the elements of Gaia’s layers… minerals, crystals and gemstones.

Using the numbers in your Numerology Chart and your Astrological Sun Sign, I open your Akashic Record to explore the details of your Soul Blueprint and identify the gemstone that best work with your personal energy and supports the plan of your blueprint. Your completed design is a physical manifestation of your soul. I am honored to combine my intuitive abilities with my metalsmithing skills to create personalized custom jewelry, and I am honored for the opportunity to help you align with your soul’s purpose.

I’ve recently re-worked my Intuitively Designed Jewelry Package into what I hope is a uniquely fresh experience!

To get started, choose the design you want from 4 different types: (masculine and gender-neutral options available):

  • A ring
  • A pendant on a 22” sterling silver chain.
  • A pair of earrings
  • A cuff bracelet

Your design includes:

  • A live 60-minute Akashic Soul Blueprint reading via Zoom, recorded (a $175 value),
  • A 15 page electronic guide (pdf) that includes a written Numerology report that highlights and summarizes the information discussed in your Soul Blueprint Reading (a $125 value), a summary of the gemstone & materials used in your design, their properties and the best way to harness the energy, and a message from your Spirit Guides, summarizing how you can best use the stone to align with your soul’s purpose and to call ease, flow and prosperity into your life.

The cost of an Intuitively Designed Commission is $275.00 plus shipping. Materials can include sterling silver, brass, copper and bronze.

This is a great gift idea for birthdays, bridesmaids, graduation, Mother’s Day, etc.

To start the process, complete the form below:

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