The Akashic Records offer something new in a reading… a new approach, a new perspective, a new way of seeing things and a new way to heal the challenges that cause you to feel stuck or unsure of which direction you want to go.

“The best reading that I have ever had. My experience with Jo was empowering, validating, and filled me with inspiration. She is the real deal and I highly recommend scheduling anything with her to experience it for yourself. I can’t even put into words how it feels to have the clarity and creative hope that I have now. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jo! You are incredible! ” 

~ Chelsie Skowyra, The Spiritual Therapist

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are mentioned in every spiritual text written throughout history.

Also known as the Book of Life, the records are made up of the Universal energy of love. This energy is also referred to as the “Akasha”, which is derived from the words “Aka”, which means storage place, and “Sa”, which means hidden or secret. The simplest translation of Akasha is “an unseen space or storage place.”

Think of the Akashic Records as cloud storage for the Universe itself.

What do they store? The record of your soul’s journey, from the time you first originated from Source until now in this moment. The Akashic energy holds all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from each lifetime. To help access this information, you have Spirit Guides, Teachers and other Beings of Light who can provide insight and clarity by answering your questions about this life and any past lives which are impacting you today.

As souls, we incarnate to balance and complete karma, fulfill our past life vows or to support people who are part of our soul family. But often we can feel blocked, stuck or disappointed because we don’t remember why we chose our current family or situations. The Akashic Records can provide clarity and insight into these situations and provide guidance to heal and clear emotional challenges.

The Akashic Records can provide insight into your career, relationships, life purpose, soul contracts, karma, family dynamics, material abundance and past lives.

I offer several different readings:

Note: No mater which session you book, I will always open your Akashic Record in order to access the wisdom and knowledge of your soul blueprint, as well as your past lives.

I recommend starting with an Akashic Soul Blueprint reading which includes a numerology core report.

If you wish to book a follow-up session, the Spirit Guide reading will take a deeper dive into your path forward as we focus on specific questions and areas of life.

Akashic Soul Blueprint Reading with Numerology

An Akashic Soul Blueprint Reading helps you gain clarity into:

  • Your purpose, strengths, challenges, talents, ambitions and the overall tone of your life experience. 
  • The specific characteristics you are meant to develop in order to grow into your most authentic and fulfilled version.
  • Your strengths, abilities, and goals in relation to your career.
  • The first impression people have of you and how others see you.
  • Your talents, intuitive abilities and skills that will help you along your life’s path. 
  • Your karmic debt carried over from past lives and your karmic lessons to be learned in this life.
  • A 5-year forecast to give you insight into the energy you’ll experience during each calendar year. 

60 Minute session $175

Career Empowerment Akashic Reading

Self-Employed Healers, Coaches & Spiritual Business Owners…Did you know your business has an Akashic Record?Yes it does!And that record can be explored just the same as your personal record, helping you make empowered and informed decisions.I know how hard it can be to figure out where to focus your attention every day, and which actions are going to get you results
– and which are not the best use of your time!It can also be challenging to grow your own business without a clear roadmap or blueprint. Your business Akashic Record can serve as that roadmap and a powerful source of information you can access on command.I’ve used the Akashic Records consistently to build my spiritual business and fully align with my soul purpose. This is what grants me the opportunity to help people align with their soul blueprint, every single day. The Akashic Records can answer questions like…

  • What is my soul purpose in this lifetime?
  • How would/does owning a spiritual business allow me to fulfill that purpose?
  • What unknown fears do I have about owning a business? How can I release them?
  • How can I work through the fear of not being worthy enough to do this work?
  • How can I work through the fear that I won’t make any money doing this work?
  • What kinds of clients would I work with?
  • How can I align myself and my business with the energy of abundance?

And it’s not just for business owners or the self-employed… If you’re simply feeling stuck in your current role and have this gut knowing that you are meant to do something different (like find a new role, quit and start my own business, seek a promotion, transfer, etc.) the records can give you the direction and motivation to take those first scary steps!

  • Is my profession or career aligned with my Soul at this time?
  • What would be the benefits or disadvantages (if any)of seeking a new opportunity?
  • Where am I “blocking” myself professionally?
  • What can I do to manifest a fulfilling career?

45 Minute Session – $55

Past Life & Compatibility Numerology Reading for Couples

This 90 minute session is designed to give couples insight into how their Soul Blueprints come together in harmony, and where they may experience challenges. We’ll look at your compatibility in 5 core areas of your charts and how you can help bring balance to any areas you find difficult or challenging.

We’ll also look at your soul contracts and what lessons & experiences you agreed to as a couple, as well as any past life challenges or karma you agreed to try and balance in this lifetime together.

90 Minute session $250

Akashic Spirit Guide/Follow-Up Reading

I’ll communicate with your Spirit Guides to determine who you are currently working with. You’ll learn their names, how they appear, and you’ll learn their specific roles as they support you in your current incarnation. You’ll also learn which method each Guide uses to connect with you. This session is great for insight into specific circumstances, issues and challenges you are experiencing. Note: It does not include a numerology review which is the foundation of the Soul Blueprint.

In this reading we’ll connect to your Spirit Guides for clarity and insight into what pulls you out of alignment with your blueprint and what can be done to bring you back on track.  We’ve contracted with these loving beings to help us accomplish the goals and objectives in our life and we simply need to learn how to ask for their help, recognize it when it shows up and take action that supports the outcomes you want to achieve.

We can often feel blocked and stuck when we’re meant to move into a new life experience. This is meant to get your attention so you start asking the bigger questions:

  • What is my life purpose?
  • Why does life feel so difficult and unsatisfying?
  • What really matters to me?
  • How do I want to feel about my life?

If you feel dissatisfied and struggle to move forward, but also know in your heart that you’re supposed to be doing SOMETHING, but simply can’t figure it out – this session can help bring it all into perspective. 

60 minute session $150

Akashic Numerology Reading

In this 60 minute Akashic Numerology Reading, reading we’ll review the 5 numbers in your Core Numerology Chart that give a deeper look into the character traits, strengths, and challenges that make up who you are. We’ll look at any karmic debt from past lives and what lessons you brought forward into this life. I also review several numbers that give you a better understanding of where in your life to focus your energy and intention for the next 5 years!

60 minute session $85

Akashic Tarot Reading

A 45 minute reading focused on the last three months of 2021 to help you get clear on your path forward and how to use the lessons of the last year to move forward into your most powerful self in 2022 – better aligned with your Soul Blueprint!

It’s is an Akashic Reading using tarot cards, so your record will be opened.

Bring three (3) of the biggest questions you have about 2022. The goal is for you to walk away with all the knowledge you need to move into the new year aligned with the goals of your Akashic Soul Blueprint.

45 minute session $75 – only available to book through 12/23/21


Jo is absolutely phenomenal! I will always recommend her first and foremost to anyone. If you are looking for some spiritual guidance, or to be a part of a community- The Woke Akashic is the place to go!” ~ Koren C.

…Everything that Jo told me made me feel like she knew the real me and that she knew my soul’s purpose and the struggles I have experienced. However, she delivered it with no judgment attached which helped me see myself in a much kinder way.  Her positivity was so encouraging as if everything is just as it is supposed to be.  I have been trying to learn to love and accept myself over the past 10 years or so and not be so hard on myself, but here she is knowing the real me and saying all of it is ok. All of it deserves to be loved….It was a profound experience and I am grateful for it.  ~ S.H.  

“I cannot tell you in how many ways my Akashic Record reading with Jo has helped me. Being able to live life now, with a sense of my unique purpose, really puts things in a greater perspective and helps you get through the tough days. It’s like… proof that the Universe has YOUR back.” ~ Summer F.

I was lucky enough to attend a group reading by Jo. If you are ever on the fence, don’t be…. just do it. Jo is warm, friendly, absolutely hilarious, and makes her clients feel so comfortable. The insights she shared with me were powerful and quite possibly life changing. I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with her and the rest of the group. – Nicole C

I had an Akashic Records reading with Jo and was blown away. She’s amazing and I highly recommend her!!! – Nick L

… Each day I continue to grow utilizing the tools and inner knowing that she helped me develop for myself. She is a wonderful and honest teacher that continues to support her tribe and community through classes, meditations, readings and more. Her Akashic Readings and mediumship readings are spot on! She has brought through beautiful messages from people that have passed and from my guides in a time of need. Her honesty is heartfelt and humorous! If you are considering trying something new she has to offer, you will not be disappointed! – Kerry V

I had a great energy healing session with Jo. She was easy to chat with and she made me feel comfortable the moment I walked in the door. I love her energy and the energy of her studio. Truly a great experience, I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in energy healing, intuitive readings, meditation and such! – Jennifer J

Just wanted to say to you I’m over flowing with joy this morning. After taking everything in after our session yesterday I am beginning to have such a greater understanding of myself. I know I have a lot of work to do and it will be difficult.  But I’m ready to do it and looking forward to what lies ahead!  – Sheila T

Guys I can’t recommend The Woke Akashic enough. Had a reading done on Monday and I feel like it gave me the motivation/permission to unleash and cultivate my true self. This was truly a life-changing experience and I can’t thank Jo enough for her immense knowledge and experience.  I’m not a very spiritual person, but I want to be someone who goes day to day with optimism and hope that there is some sort of higher powers at play beyond our consciousness. This was exactly what I needed and I hope you will get to experience it too.  – Abby D

Had two readings with Jo and they were mind-blowing, life-changing, and I basically want to hang out with her every day forever. – Lizzie S

Today I had my session with Jo from The Woke Akashic Studio and I have to say it was AMAZING! I got so much out of it and I can’t stop thinking about what she said. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about doing a reading! Absolutely loved it!!! – Heather B

I had my reading with Jo Figueras last night. I’m sitting with it today….  I feel so much better about my life. The reading was exactly what I needed to be confident in who I’ve become.  It healed my soul.  It was better than any church sermon I’ve ever sat through, better than any self-help book I’ve ever read. – Meredith S.

I feel like a door has been opened and I am just so grateful… I just wanted to send this as a thank you because you opened a door for me and you flipped the script on some things that I have been seeing in a disempowering light. THANK YOU. I’m sure we will be connecting again. I can feel it. I appreciate you.  –  Anna P

There are people that come into your life, who believe in you so much, that you start to believe in you too!”  This is exactly who Johanna is.  Sometimes, you need someone on the outside for guidance, direction and to believe in you so you can realize your full potential.  Jo tailored the coaching sessions specifically to those needs.  Jo worked with me on each aspect of my gifts.   The truly amazing part of this process was how Spirit sometimes would guide us both completely away from our intended discussions.  This is where I felt the most insight, incredible messages and guidance from all that is love.  Jo was able to be there for me, right there, at the right time with the right lessons for me in that moment.  What a powerful experience to hear from a higher consciousness, who believes in you, gives you specific guidance for your path, and loves you with an overwhelming vengeance. This is when you begin to believe in you and understand the depth of love within.  I now feel the presence of my own guides, am beginning to hear messages and am practicing channeling energy to help heal others.  I cannot say enough about Jo and my experiences with her! – Lori L.

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