Up Level Your Spiritual & Holistic Business

Spiritual Change-Makers, Light Workers,
Intuitive Professionals & Holistic Practitioners

It’s my passion to help you move your practice, personal life and occupation to the next level.  

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, bored and even a little fearful in your business?

Does your day feel as if you are just doing the thing simply because it provides income stability, but no enjoyment?

Here’s the thing – you ARE a spiritual being who has been provided an extremely powerful guide that will lead you directly to joy: your Soul Blueprint.

Sometimes we just need to be realigned with our purpose, reignite our passions and redesign our offerings in a way that feels light, expansive and exciting. 

Sometimes we need to review our relationship with our Spirt Guides and our Higher Self.

And sometimes we need help with redirection to get back on track with our Soul Blueprint.

ReAlign with Your Soul Blueprint

Working with your Soul Blueprint and The Akashic Records, I guide Light Workers, Intuitive Professionals & Holistic Practitioners to rediscover their soul purpose and their passion for what they do. 

I help you understand what must be present in your life in order to Level Up.

Working with me will put you back on track and in alignment with your dream of helping others as you do the thing you love, while experiencing joy, inspiration, abundance and personal power.

When you offer services that are born from your soul, you open to an abundant income while doing the thing(s) you most love doing.    

In our work together, I’ll use any number of modalities and techniques directed by your Spirt Guides, Your Higher Self and Your Soul Blueprint:

  • Intuitive Development
  • Empath Energy Management
  • Numerology
  • Akashic Records Past Life Recall & Channeling
  • Intuitive Arts (Tarot, Oracle, Mediumship & Channeling)
  • Reiki/Energy Work
  • Sound Therapy
  • Dimensional Energy & Chakra Activations
  • Karmic Balancing
  • Past Life Vow Removal
  • Money Mindset Realignment… and more.

When you work with me, you’ll gain greater capabilities as you discover your unique Lightworker purpose.

You’ll transform and grow in an area that has come to feel stagnant and uninspiring.

And we’ll take a look at your service offerings and expand or concentrate them based on your soul goals and interests.

Session #1

First, we’ll review your Numerology chart and your Akashic Soul Blueprint.  We’ll then assess your connection to your intuition and your Spirit Team.

Session #2

Next, we’ll look at your practice/offerings, your relationship with money and your soul goals.

Session #3

In the last session, we’ll connect to your life path, your soul purpose and how you want to embody it all.

  • Get Clarity and insight from your Spiritual Team
  • Have Direct conversations with your Spirit Guides with ease
  • Discover/refine your  soul purpose, and plan what actions to take
  • Insight into required healing of past life and current life blocks
  • Learn the importance of raising your self-worth + asking the universe for MORE – in order to receive MORE.
  • Talk about passive income streams and automating your booking system

We’ll also work with your Shadow Self and your Akashic Record to better understand the relationships in your life, the soul contracts with your most challenging people, and the “lesson” behind the challenges and obstacles you routinely experience.

A successful practice is a reflection of your soul.  I’ll show you how to bring them into alignment.

“We’re all gifted with a set of talents and interests that tell us what we’re supposed to be doing. Once you know what your life purpose is, organize all of your activities around it. Everything you do should be an expression of your purpose.” 

Jack Canfield

About Jo

I’m Jo, a Spiritual Teacher and an Akashic Reader. 

I write, I teach others, and I create from my soul. 

It’s my calling to help others align with their highest version of self in order to co-create a life and business that brings them joy and abundance. 

I help spiritual practitioners clear limiting beliefs, realign mindsets, change their vibrational frequency, and tap into their intuitive abilities & life purpose to create from their soul. It brings me joy to help others manifest, heal and create a life that they love as they fall into exciting alignment with their soul blueprint.

I am:

  • An Akashic Reader & Instructor
  • An Intuitive Development Instructor
  • An Empath Energy Coach
  • A Numerology Practitioner
  • A Psychic Medium &  Spiritual Channel
  • A Sound Therapy Practitioner
  • A Crystal Energy Practitioner & Jewelry Designer 
  • A Reiki Master Teacher
  • A Business Owner

I can assist with:

  • Marketing and Brand Development
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning & Retreats
  • Operations
  • Graphic Design

Work with me!

It’s my passion to help Light Workers, Intuitive Professionals & Holistic Practitioners level-up in their practice, personal life and business.  

3 Session Bundle: $1,111 payable via Square or Venmo (two-payment option also available)

Each session is approximately 3 hours, both in-person and online.

Sessions include handouts, exercises and helpful resources.

Individual Consult Session available: $300 for 2 hours

To book your sessions, contact Jo at thewokeakashic@gmail.com

Location Portland, OR E-mail thewokeakashic@gmail.com Hours Hours: by appointment/class or event
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